The Bai'shen Prophecies
Dark Tides
The Kingdom of Castiel has experienced a period of peace and growth following the withdrawal of the Ardalian Empire.  Trade has flourished and the coffers grow fat for all.  Now a new age is dawning and the north is about to become the center of an invasion from a threat long forgotten.  ‘Dark Tides’ will roll across the lands as the prophecies’s words ring true. 

Terror begins to grip the countryside as the first signs mark the beginning of an unhallowed presence that threatens to envelop the world.  Dark horrors seem to be watching and crawling out from the shadows and goblins now infest the mountains in the north without no sign from whence they came. 

‘Dark Tides’ is an adventure that takes place in northern Ballidrous in the Kingdom of Castiel for characters starting at 1st level and up to 4th level, centering on the
battle theme.  This is a
stand-alone adventure or can
be the first adventure in the series, followed by ‘Forlorn Blades’ and finishing with
‘Crimson Crucible’.        

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