The Bai'shen Prophecies
Dark Fortunes
‘Dark Fortunes’ is an adventure that takes place in northern Ballidrous in the Kingdom of Castiel for characters starting at 1st level and up to 4th level, centering on the
rogue theme.  This is a
stand-alone adventure or can
be first adventure in the series, followed by ‘Forlorn Sails’ and finishing with
‘Crimson Masks’.        

The underbelly of Castiel is home to many who wish not to be found.  With the kingdom far from the reach of the empire and a thriving port city, sinister cutthroats and disreputable fortune-hunters have found a place where they can find some fast work or join the ranks of mercenary companies. 

During the empire’s occupation, the Wraith established itself as the main thieves’ guild in the city and looks to secure its position by removing all opposition.  As Castiel’s armies began their march north, the city is ripe for the taking for those seeking ‘Dark Fortunes’.  The guild will have to face fierce competition and a new threat that could change everything.

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